Interactive aerial 360 panoramas

X-COPTERS are specialists in capturing these stunning pictures which can be interactively explored a full 360 degrees captured using aerial drone technology. These highly compelling tours are ideal for online estate agents, prospectuses, brochures and website integration. We can offer technical help on the best way to integrate these on your website.

Here's some of the 360 panoramas we have built for clients. Click on the image to experience a high resolution video tours.

Issac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences is a national and international visitor research institute. It runs research programmes on selected themes in mathematics and the mathematical sciences with applications over a wide range of science and technology. It attracts leading mathematical scientists from the UK and overseas to interact in research over an extended period.

Virtual Tour of Lisbon, Portugal

Gare do Oriente, or alternately, the Lisbon Oriente Station is one of the main Portuguese intermodal transport hubs, and is situated in the civil parish of Parque das Nações, municipality of Lisbon.

Virtual Indoor Church Tour

Showing this impressive church interior.

King's College and The Fellows Garden Clare College, Cambridge

King's College was founded in 1441 by Henry VI (1421-71) and is one of the 31 colleges in the University of Cambridge. The Fellows Garden, Clare College is a fine example of a 20th Century English garden, it was redesigned in 1947 by Neville Willmer, after the devastation of the war years. The garden still retains some of its earlier features, with old yews and chestnuts.

Downing College, Cambridge

Downing College in the University of Cambridge was founded in 1800 by the bequest of Sir George Downing. Set amidst 20 acres of magnificent grounds in the heart of the city, Downing College is a community of committed scholars and students, current and future leaders in their fields.

The Betty & Gordon Moore Library, Cambridge

The Betty & Gordon Moore Library provides major working collections in support of the teaching and research of the University in science and technology.

The Bridge and Chapel, St Ives, Cambridgeshire

St Ives Bridge is a 15th-century bridge crossing the River Great Ouse in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, England. It is noted for being one of only four bridges in England to incorporate a chapel. Prior to the first bridge here there was a ford across the Ouse, probably dating back several thousand years. The river was at that time wider and shallower until locks were added to make it navigable.

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